PEELAWAYS Disposable Sheets Mattress Protector - Twin XL Fitted Cover - Waterproof Bed Pad for Incontinence, Bedwetting, Hospitals - Full Coverage, 5 Layers, Soft Comfort Bamboo Blend

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Peelaways Disposable Sheets Mattress Protector Twin Xl Fitted Cover Waterproof Bed Pad For Incontinence Bedwetting Hospitals Full Coverage 5 Layers Soft Comfort Bamboo Blend

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PEELAWAYS Peel Away Disposable Fitted Mattress Bed Sheets Twin XL Size  

Never wash your bed sheets again with PEELAWAYS! An unbelievably soft and disposable bed sheet, PEELAWAYS allows you to simply tear off the dirty layer without a trip to the washing machine. You'll get a cool, comfortable night's sleep every time. The nonwoven blend is absorbent, protecting your sheets from leaks and spills. PEELAWAYS contains polyester, rayon and bamboo fibers to provide a luxurious slumber experience. Sleep soundly with the knowledge that a new fresh sheet is just a layer away.  

PEELAWAYS can reduce environmental impact by eliminating the need to launder your sheets by saving water and electricity (as well as harsh chemical detergents). We use sustainable viscose and recycled water in our manufacturing process. Our mission is to make our bedding as environmentally friendly by using 45% plant based materials. And we are making strides everyday to keep improving. Water usage for laundering in healthcare facilities can use up to 11% of all available water. 

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Many places such as Capetown in South Africa and some parts of the US have severe water shortages and need to find a way to cut down on their water usage. PEELAWAYS solves this problem. 

No more hassle of laundry.  
No more wrestling with the corners to change the bed.  
Get right back to sleep.  
Easy to use - provides protection against leaks, messes, spills and dirt.  
Perfect for elderly, camps, dorm rooms, temporary housing, guest rooms - anywhere! 


  1. Place Peelaways with color stitching at the head of your mattress. 
  2. Peel down from top corner and along the seams after 7-10 days or when soiled.  

- WHAT ARE PEELAWAYS? - As a hybrid between bed sheets and a mattress protector, it's a sleep on waterproof sheet that has 5 disposable layers. When 1 layer gets soiled, simply peel it off and throw it out. A fresh, clean sheet awaits underneath.
- SOFT BAMBOO - Made of a soft blend of bamboo, viscose & polyester fibers which is breathable, waterproof, comfy, and keeps you cool. It's better than regular mattress pad covers which are made of noisy, uncomfortable plastic, PU, vinyl or latex.
- TONS OF USES - Peelaways are best for hospitals, men & women with fecal or urinary incontinence, the elderly, bedwetting kids, potty training toddlers, college dorms, camps, and more! Doubles as a bedcare protector to absorb spills and accidents.
- NO LAUNDERY NEEDED - Using our multi-layered disposable sheets cuts down having to machine wash and saves on water and electricity usage. It also reduces your exposure to the harsh chemicals used in laundry detergents on washable sheets.
- LASTS FOR 50 DAYS - Each Twin XL sheet layer can be used for 7-10 days if not soiled. Also comes in Full, Queen, King, and Travel Size Twin XL (3 layers) sizes. You'll never use a zippered cover, bed pad, or encasement mattress protector again!

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  • 	Aiden 	Robinson
    17 October, 2020

    Aiden Robinson

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  • 	Ethan 	Taylor
    16 October, 2020

    Ethan Taylor

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  • 	Liam 	Johnson
    21 October, 2020

    Liam Johnson

    starstarstarstarstar-none 4.0 out of 5 stars

  • 	Hamish 	Martin
    17 October, 2020

    Hamish Martin

    starstarstarstarstar-half 4.5 out of 5 stars

  • 	Brendan 	Thompson
    18 October, 2020

    Brendan Thompson

    starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars

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PEELAWAYS Disposable Sheets Mattress Protector - Twin XL Fitted Cover - Waterproof Bed Pad for Incontinence, Bedwetting, Hospitals - Full Coverage, 5 Layers, Soft Comfort Bamboo Blend
starstarstarstarstar-half 4.3 out of 5 stars
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